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Portrait Gallery: Black & White Signature Collection

Video Testimonials - My Family Photographer

Don't just take our word for it, this is what our families have to say. ​I really appreciate these heartfelt words about the beautiful experiences you have had with us. Love to you all Katrina xxx

I love the fact that you came to our home to do the shoot...

- Amanda

I absolutely adore this photo. I capture a unique point in our lives that was absoluely life changing...

- Catherine

This is an investment that we and the kids can have forever. In some respects, that is worth more than even going away for a holiday...

- Chanelle

Australia's #1 Family Photographer - we are specialist of Black and White Family Portraits - creating iconic memories in a very unique way!

We are 100% committed to ensuring you LOVE your photos and your experience.

We use the best products and finishes because we want your art to last!

We use top of the range Nikon equipment and upgrade our kits very few years.

When I developed my black and white signature style over 20 years ago, I wanted to create a style that would never date, and that you could add too as your family grows. Imagine having your own family gallery.

Our Signature style is black and white family portrait photography, we prefer to photograph you in and around your home. We know that to get the best out of your children it is best to photograph you in your home where they feel most secure and will really just be themselves; because that's what we want to capture, your families real personality and relationship.

WE DO YOUR MAKEUP, its beautiful natural makeup for Mum, my idea was to look at a photo of yourself and feel good (rather than "I should have put some makeup on). We take all that worry away, we know how busy you are and want this to be stress free and enjoyable. In fact we want it to be so much fun that you would want to do it again!

We specialise in designing heirloom artwork for the next generation, memories to be treasured forever.

We can start Your Family's Love Journey right from the beginning. Can you imagine documenting your pregnancy so that as your baby grows she or he can treasure that moment of seeing themselves in your tummy, and then photographing the wonders of a newborn, teeny tiny toes and delightful detail. The start of your family is so so precious.

With each addition to your family we can be there to capture the preciousness of your toddler loving their new little sister or bother. The family dynamic changes, some parents find it harder adjusting from their first to their second, some their second to their third and so on.

We understand this, we know families, we understand family dynamics. Someone once said to me "you must know an awful lot about people Katrina"  This is absolutely true.

So don't worry if your baby cries at the shoot and needs feeding, we will give you the time you need.

Don't worry if your two year old throws a tantrum, its not the first and it won't be the last, it simply doesn't bother us.

Don't stress if someone has a pimple, a scratch, a bruise, a coldsore, we can remove these in photoshop.

Don't worry about cleaning your house, please - its a female thing we know, but truly don't. 

Don't worry about where we will shoot, that's our job to work that out.

Think about important milestones in your family's life, first birthdays, mothers day, the terrible twos (my secret love), 40th birthday celebration. At some stage it might be great to include the grandparents and cousins, let us photograph your generation.

A huge benefit of us coming to your home to photograph your family is we appreciate that you may need to change outfits, the kids might get hungry or thristy. We aim to make this easy for you, we take all the stress out if it for you and make it simply FUN and QUICK.  

Here are some ideas of milestones you might like to think about capturing

Pregnancy Photography

36 is an ideal time to have a maternity shoot, baby should be nice and round by then, no later if possible due to risk of baby coming early. 

If you want to do some nude pregnancy photography it is best not to wear underwear so that you don't leave marks on your skin. 
Artistic nudes capture the shape of pregnancy.

What to wear - white crop tops or singlet and white knickers or boy leg, jeans and mans white shirt can look great too. If you are including your partner in the photo shoot maybe Dad with no shirt as well and jeans.


We understand that no matter what, when you are pregnant you want to look slim and gorgeous! 

New Born 0‐4 weeks

For first time parents these early weeks can be full on and exhausting, be reassured we take our time and give you the time you need.
If baby needs a little sleep or a feed, that is fine. We aim for a mix of awake and sleeping photos if possible.
What to wear-  little baby jumpsuits, long sleeve or short sleeve, and nude is divine.
Mum may like to do some beautiful nude skin on skin photos, one of my favourite. If you don’t feel comfortable with totally nude, then you could wear a bandeau that can be low and you still get the lovely skin with baby. We love the small details, little toes and tiny fingers, squishy bottoms.

"As life takes hold, your picture will bring back the smell and feel of their newborn skin. As you fall in love with your little one, we will find that picture. Katrina Christ "

3 months old baby

Your baby is chubby and smiley now and very interactive. She / he may like tummy time and might be rolling over. They have lost that new newborn look, each stage is so precious. We are after a mix of family photos, photos with mum and baby, photos of dad and baby, if there are siblings snuggly photos with baby and sibling, and of course beautiful portraits of baby on their own. 

What to wear, I would still do white baby suit, or white singlet (skivvy in winter) and jeans, and nude because you may want to capture those chubby rolls and thighs.

6 Month old Baby and halfway through their first year

They might be sitting up by now, and loving tummy time, which is so good for building up strength in their arms. Some might be rocking on their hands and knees. They will start to really concentrate on small detail now and will want to touch everything. You might be getting big giggles and even talking. Babies are different and they all do it at their own time and pace. We are there to document this for you. Again our plan is to photograph YOUR baby doing what they do and really capturing their unique essence, so that in the future when you look back upon these precious photos, the memories will come flooding back.

 What to wear  - white singlets and shorts, little dresses (sometimes tricky as their movement can be restricted), little white pants with frills.

Generational Photography

Have you thought about photographing your whole generation. We tend to photograph a lot around Christmas when all the family is together, my brother lived overseas for 12 years and when we caught up every few years I would rally our whole family together for updated family Generation photos. Firstly the whole family, then grandparents and grandchildren, grandchildren together, grandparents and their kids,each family and then grandparents on their own. The whole experience is super fun and another wonderful way to get everyone together. So special.

                                                                  Digital Photography Packages

We love capturing memories for families. That is what we do. So to make it easier for you to enjoy those memories we have created these digital packages that allow you to have access to your photos that you can download and share and use as you wish. More pricing and packages on "photo packages" section of website.
Of course, as a lover of family and tradition, we will continue to offer the ultimate Katrina Christ Collection and spend time with you to design how they will fit into your home and become heirloom artwork that feature you and your family.
While the delivery of our images may have changed to digital, our focus remains firmly on getting the best photos that you and your family will love for many years to come.


                                          The Ultimate Package - The Katrina Christ Collection 

Katrina Christ Photographer specialises in family photography. We create gorgeous photos that make a positive impact on our clients' lives. We're experts in photographing families and we guarantee that you will love what we create for you.

Our studio specialises in finished art for your walls that tell the story of your family. Master Photographer Katrina is dedicated to bringing your photographs to life and will spend the time with you custom designing precious memories for your home that will become heirlooms for your children and their children!

You will be indulged with coffee and a cinematic slideshow at our beautiful East Brisbane studio, where you can view the beautiful artwork we can create. Let's design something amazing together!

Fine Art Prints + Framing + Metal Art + Acrylic + Canvas + Books + Image Box + Arrival Cards.

We also include the high resolution digital file of all prints purchased as well as gorgeous little social media digital files for you to share with friends and family around the world! 

Katrina Christ Photographer: We guarantee you'll absolutely love your photos or we will re-shoot at our cost!

Family, love, creativity and contentedness are the reasons I do what I do.

I love what I do, and I love it when my clients are happy.  I love the power that my photographs have capturing the uniqueness of each client’s family, in empowering positive feelings, especially in the children, through seeing positive images of themselves.

Our style and what we do is not just about gorgeous photo's, it is about the positive impact it will have on our children - Katrina Christ

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